The Best Online PC Games You Can Play Without Getting Bored!

The Best Online PC Games You Can Play Without Getting Bored!

Which are the best online games? What are the benefits of games? Are online games addictive? What are the risks and ways of protection?

The online gaming industry has experienced tremendous growth in the digital age. People have always loved games, but easier access to the internet, ever-evolving technology and changing lifestyles have made online games even more popular around the world. The major productions of the last period are more of an online game. Players’ battles for hours on the computer against gigantic creatures we call counter-teams or bosses with other friends are exponentially increasing interest in online games. Of course, we’re not just talking about games developed by big studios that we call AAA. There are many productions developed by independent developers in this area. But one of the biggest reasons for the growing interest in online productions is that we can easily play even on our smartphones, which are the wonders of emerging technology.

We will try to answer “Which are the best online games” and “Which Are the Most Played Games in the World?” for you.

Especially the developing technology in the last two years has led game producers to take serious steps in this field.

Games with multi-player support eliminate the time difference by confronting a user from anywhere in the world with another user at the same time. Thanks to the internet, you can reach users from all over the world at the same time, regardless of the time differences with your opponent. Online video games are becoming an increasingly important part of gaming culture. Here are the most popular of 2020.

Best Online Games

Normally, we can divide online games into many sub-branches. Although we can count them as competitive, massive multiplayer, sports, we will list the games that you can enjoy on the computer for now so that they can be a resource in the coming periods due to the increasing variety.

Online Computer Games

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, also known as CS: GO, is one of the most played online games. This last fruit of Valve’s brand, which has been challenging for years and continuing its continuous development, came out in 2012. Despite all this time, the production managed to renew itself and became one of the most popular games both on a user-by-user and on the eSports side.

Counter-Strike-Global Offensive

As in previous games in the series, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which divides players into two different singles, simply offers a gameplay based on completing missions or equaling opponents. From time to time, we encounter different modes and events, and we can encounter different maps as well as classic maps.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends, which created great success with its surprise output, bears the signature of Respawn Entertainment, one of the leading companies of the FPS genre. Although he has experienced minor blood losses over time, we can say that he has managed to remain one of the most solid representatives of the Battle Royale genre. The game, which we frequently encounter with its tournaments on the eSports side, also shares the same universe with the Titanfall series.

Apex Legends

You can play alone in the game where you can choose characters with different abilities, and you enter the game area in teams of three in team play. Apex legends has also managed to become one of the pioneers of this type of operation, with the use of a system that you can bring your deceased teammate back to the playing field.


Fortnite, one of the biggest representatives of the Battle Royale genre, is one of the rare productions that soon ceased to be a game and turned into a very big brand. Although the general operation is based on the same logic as other Battle Royale games, we can say that the game that evolved into a different course with dynamics such as the construction in it, was also the biggest factor in the growth of Epic Games.

The production, in which the players jumped on the playground with a large bus, continues to renew itself, especially with its continuous updates and entertaining activities. So much so that even the famous singer Travis Scott managed to reach millions of fans with a concert he gave in the game.


One of the first representatives of the Battle Royale genre, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG for short, first appeared on March 23, 2017 with the early access period. Quickly popular, PUBG still remains one of the most played productions of this genre. The game, which has received new updates in line with the feedback received from the players, continues to be up-to-date with different map themes as well as the changing map structure.


In the production where you parachute into the playing field in a single, two or four-person team, you are trying to survive in the narrowing map system while trying to equalize your enemies.

League of Legends (LOL)

League of Legends, one of the biggest representatives of eSports both in the world and in our country, is also one of the most successful games of the MOBA genre. The game, which was first created by taking Dota as an example, has managed to evolve in a different direction with the updates and game structure that came later.

League of Legends (LOL)

There are nearly 150 champions in the game, which also includes different maps, especially Summoner’s Valley. One of the biggest advantages of League of Legends, which is played as five to five, is that it is constantly updated. In addition to new champions, we can say that the production, which comes up with significant changes in gameplay every season, will continue its popularity for many years.


First appeared in 2016 and is one of the most important pioneers of the Hero Shooter genre, Overwatch is a production that stands out with its colorful characters and fun gameplay. The game, which has the signature of Bliizard and therefore raises the bar in subjects such as visuals and voices, offers a fun gameplay with its arena-based system.

Overwatch, which is constantly updated and where new characters are introduced, manages to be one of the best games of the genre with its skill and role-based system.


Riot Games’ latest game Valorant, which was released in May 2020, offers a hero-based gameplay, which has reached a significant player with League of Legends and its side games. We can say that the production, which successfully combines some of the features it has acquired from games such as Counter Strike and Overwatch with its own dynamics, continues on its way with sure steps on the eSports side.


Valorant, which we play from the first person camera, adopts a gameplay that stands out with the special abilities of the characters and increases the excitement with dynamics such as bombing. The game, which is constantly updated and with new characters from time to time, can be said to be one of the most robust productions of this genre.

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