Mafia Definitive Edition Review

Mafia Definitive Edition, which is the remake version of the original Mafia game released in 2002, developed by Hangar 13, will be reviewed for you today. Compared to the two remastered games of the series, we are faced with a game that we can consider robust in many ways. I wonder if we were mad at Hangar 13? What I went through when I was beginning to regret it was priceless. There is a stir in my heart for the game, but I am still very angry with Hangar 13.

Mafia Definitive Edition, Good Remake, Very Bad Software

You know, they are software that uses 3D rendering features on the basis of games. We can describe it as the flesh and bones of the codes. The remake for the Mafia Definitive Edition brought the flesh and skin, atmosphere and texture surrounding the bone closer to today’s standards. But there are still a few cracks and broken bones. This is the part that I just mentioned, “I would regret just getting angry”. Before I praise the rest of the game, I should definitely warn those who are considering this place and buy it.

Although I think it is getting old, my current computer system is above the recommended system requirements for Mafia Definitive Edition. This shows that I should be able to play the game fluently at high settings – assuming it as 60 FPS by the standards of fluency established. In this sense, I can say that the game is watching around 45-50 FPS. “How much did that wear out to your gaming experience?” If you say, I didn’t even call. I could get 60 FPS fixed by lowering the settings, but what I saw made me very happy, so I did not interfere. Still, it’s hard to say it’s a big optimization problem.

Another issue is the software bugs in the game. I ran into a few bugs that I would have trotted off to remedy if I could really understand why it was happening, and they ruined my gaming experience. The most annoying of these, and the first, the game gets stuck. This stutter is not like instant FPS drops, the game completely hangs and is not responding to any commands from my computer. As if this is not enough, you cannot close the game in any way. I’ve had this problem 4 times in 7 hours, it really causes you to lose your will to play if you enter the game with high expectations. I also saw this happen to many players like me, but there are also those who play the game without any problems. I have to specify that too.

Another error I encountered while playing is that the game quits without even giving you any error report. Just when you have the most exciting or most pleasing atmosphere, it closes with a frown without even saying “Come on, thank you, see you”. I’ve experienced this so often that I used experimental means to understand what triggered it. When I switched the driving mode from the simulation setting to the “Regular” setting, I noticed that it decreased, but it is still not a radical solution. We are facing a different software problem. Apart from that, people who stayed on the black screen after the game was opened and people who experienced many different problems also expressed their complaints in the community. Again, let’s say that there are people who do not meet for this problem. These are not problems that everyone who plays on their computer, but they can also happen on your computer. Remember that you will enter into this gamble when you decide to purchase the game.

Enjoy the Game in High Definition

Putting aside software glitches and what does the Mafia Definitive Edition look like? The answer I can give to that if we ask is “Yes, there is no packaging smell, but it’s a new game!” would be in the form. Perhaps this was the most satisfying aspect of me. It is delightful to walk around all those streets that we roamed and steered in the original Mafia with high-resolution textures and many improved effects. Also, the vehicle driving dynamics and material handling are really good. Metal is really like metal, water really reacts to ambient lights and reflections like water.

In this part too, maybe only I have experienced it, but there are a number of problems. Whether due to motion blur or Anti-Aliasing mode, the front tires of the vehicle cause some kind of visual distortion when turning left and right. I just leave the image of this problem at the bottom, which I do not know exactly how to describe it. Apart from that, it is a pleasure to wander the streets of the city and the peaceful-looking countryside with old model vehicles and to watch the surroundings.

Speaking of cars, I can say that the Mafia Definitive Edition got a full score on this. This is not a compulsory situation, but if there was a camera inside the vehicle in the game and we could use this camera while driving, it would be really great. You can feel air in the tires like in the Mafia II, but also the suspensions work great. It responds exactly as it should in variable situations that affect tire friction, such as rain or dirt. I can say that this is a nice plus for the game we spend most of it in the car.

Apart from that, I want to mention another point that fans expect from the remake version. Our main character Tommy Angelo is above all a taxi driver. This shows that he is not very good with weapons. Seeing that the use of weapons was criticized as if it came to the world as a mafia in the original game, Hangar 13 arranged this part well. Tommy can no longer shoot like soldiers with excellent weapon training from special forces. Weapons ricochet heavily and reload speed is slower than before. Don’t expect a huge slowdown though, as reloading too slow in an action game could be extremely annoying.

Mafia Definitive Edition looks completely renewed with its cinematics. All the cinematics recorded from the beginning support the already wonderful story with both the facial expressions and the visual quality. Both the changing camera angles during the dialogues and the level of detail make cinematics very successful.

No Need To Steal Vehicles While Playing Mafia Definitive Edition

There is a section dedicated to this as “Carcyclopedia“. In this section, which we can call your car library, you can see all the cars you encounter in the game. You can see the technical features of these and change their interior and exterior colors and take test drives. It’s also nice to add such an option to a rock-solid car driving mechanics. In addition, two vehicles given as gifts in other remastered games of the series appear in this game as well. The Samson Drifter we all love is one of them. In addition, most of the cars you encounter are automatically added to your garage in the game.

However, there is also a free ride mode in the game. If it is not for you to move on the map according to the course of the story and get to know the environment, you can do whatever you want here. If you think like “Let me discover it myself, let me taste everything”, this place will be more suitable for you. However, in this part, the software errors of the game may bother you more. Because my experience literally happened. I wanted to spend 1-2 hours with the taste of my mouth in free-ride mode, while I had to restart my computer many times.

To Summarize the Game

Mafia Definitive Edition is a good remake but bad software. At least until these problems are resolved … Assuming they have been fixed, I would recommend this game with peace of mind. Whether you’re a player who has licked and swallowed the Mafia series, wants to make nostalgia, or be a first-time player, he’ll be able to catch you in some way. Walk around as much as possible, enjoy. However, do not forget that you will be gambling about the software errors I explained. I hope they release an update for this. I will follow up closely and deliver updates to you through news. Stay with love and play, hope to see you in another review.

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