10 Tips to Increase Your Instagram Followers Naturally!

If you have not included Instagram, which reaches 200 million active users per month, in your social media marketing strategies, you are missing a lot.
You don’t need to spend a lot of time to be a member of Instagram. There is a membership that lasts for seconds. Let’s talk about the marketing aspect of the job; Especially considering the demographic structure of Instagram users, Instagram is a very meaningful platform that you can use for your product and your company. So, are your products and services in a content that can be presented with photos? These and similar questions are questions that need to be answered when opening a corporate Instagram account.If you can answer these questions and if the use of Instagram matches your corporate goals, it will enable you to be successful on Instagram by using the following 10 strategic steps. Of course, it will also bring along naturally acquired followers.

1. Communicate with other users

The way to gain followers depends on being recognized by many. We meet people by going to various meetings and events. Why not do the same on Instagram? By liking Instagram users’ shares and writing comments, you’ll be more likely to appear by others, which increases your number of followers.

2- Share photos of your employees and work environment 

People are curious about the way companies work and want to see how things work. That’s why McDonalds’ “Why the Burgers in Ads Look Better than the Real Thing” video went viral.

Similarly, you can share daily hustle and events in your company with followers. However, in doing so, be sure to ask your employees for permission. Sharing happy photos of employees in terms of your company’s positive image allows you to be followed by more people as well.

3. Share your Activity or Products elsewhere

You can share privately with your Instagram followers, which will increase your number of followers as well as your employees’ shares. For example, if you are going to participate in the fair abroad, you can pre-share the images you will use at this fair. If you’re going to be selling a new accessory soon, you can share the images from it exclusively to Instagram users. This type of sharing attracts people’s curiosity, and the users who visit you become your followers.

4. Share graphics

For some brands, sharing graphics or cartoons attracts the attention of followers. If your brand image is appropriate, you can share it like this, but if it isn’t, go to the next step.

5. Create Collage

We can’t create collages on Instagram, but there are many collage apps other than Instagram, using them to share remarkable images. (Instapic Frames, Pic Collage, Collage Shaper, Photo Shaper, Collage Maker, etc.). Collage shares allow you to share more content. The important thing here is to bring together different but relevant shares.

You may be noticeable by your followers by sharing four different frames and sharing informative and remarkable. If you prioritize photo quality than content, more people will follow you.

6. #Hashtag

If you use specific hashtags from your brand on different social platforms, use them on Instagram as well. This will keep you followed on Instagram for users who follow you on other social platforms. Be sure to add related and favorite hashtags to each photo you’ve shared. You can also find popular hashtags or related hashtags by searching instagram. It shows the closest one to the hashtags you’ve searched for on Instagram in the top ranking, making it easier to find hashtags by getting rid of a big mess. But the use of hashtags that have nothing to do with you makes you look both amateur and your brand is weak. It works in the short term, but it won’t help in the long term.

7. Share your Instagram account on Facebook

Because Facebook has bought Instagram, these two platforms are almost constantly interacting with each other. So if you have a Facebook page, you can add your Instagram account here and share your instagram on facebook.

8. Keep Your Instagram Profile Up to Date

Your Instagram profile at another important point as the photos you uploaded to Instagram. You have 150 characters to create an effective profile caption. So write and share not only who you are to people, but also what you like and what interests you.

Below you can see some sample profile accounts.

instagram profil olusturma

9. Create traffic from your website to your Instagram account

If your website is getting good traffic, don’t forget to add icons to your social media profiles. If it’s relevant, you can also take visitors to your website by adding photos and videos from Instagram to your blog.

10. Share your attention-grabbing photos

Instagram is a platform built entirely on virtual visuals. Therefore, it is very important that you share regularly to keep your followers interested.

You can create engaging photos using apps like Lumie, Snapseed, PicMonkey, Pixlr, and Color Splash to share engaging photos. You can create better quality photos with applications like PopPhoto and CIO.

To summarize, to increase your Instagram followers, you need to be of good quality to make your photos and pay attention to sharing and networking that will attract the attention of your followers. This allows users to naturally follow you.

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